Linda Ryder, D.V.M.

We wish you all happy holidays! To keep them happy, please consider the following tips:

  1. Snow Globes contain a highly toxic substance, ethylene glycol, that is like anti-freeze in our cars. This is very sweet and appealing to our pets. It may be fatal causing kidney failure. Place them cautiously in your home, out of reach of your pets.
  2. Various holiday foods such as chocolate, bread dough, and fruitcake are prevalent at this time of year. So is alcohol. All may cause illness when ingested. Keep all of these items out of paws' reach.
  3. You never know what's contained in wrapped presents or gift bags. Remember that pets have a much greater sense of smell than their humans. Be careful placing gifts under the tree and in other pet accessible places.
  4. Guests may bring their medications to your home and leave them out-- not realizing how deadly they may be to pets. Have your guests put their medications in a closed cabinet and take them in a bathroom where they may close the door so if one tablet is dropped, they can find it before your pet does. A list of the names, milligram strength, and number of pills from your guests is useful in an emergency situation.
  5. Salty treats are tempting for our pets. Salt can be found in holiday products such as dough ornaments, homemade treats, and ice melt. Be sure your pets avoid making contact with these dangerous items.

I often read the ASPCA website and found the above especially pertinent at this time of year. I wanted to share it accordingly. Should you have reason to believe your pet has been poisoned, call your vet immediately. If you are unable to reach your vet, you may call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center 24/7/365 at (888)426-4435.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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